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Summer Youth Employment Program

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Dedicated to helping young people

on the road to independence and self-sufficiency


Best Designs Renovations is in the process of building a summer youth program. The program will be design to give our today’s youth employment during school break. The ages for the program will be between 14 to 18 years of age. The pay rate will start at $ 8.00 hr and work up to 40 hrs a week. We here at Best Designs Renovations strive to give our today’s youth a helping hand and a head start on life. Our goal is to assist families with financial cost toward going back to school or daily living expenses. Our mission is to teach today’s youth the skills needed to secure and maintain meaningful employment, and to offer programs that help young people improve their employability. All youth employee will be supervise by crew members, crew leaders, formans and supervisors. Youth summer employees will never be left alone at and job site, and will be under supervision at all times. Job duties will be based upon age and federal, state and local laws. Requirements for summer youth employment program will be:

1.       Must be between the ages of 14 to 18.

2.       Must acquire working papers.

3.       Must be drug and alcohol free at all times

4.       Must maintain good passing grades.

Program is still under the developing stage, and we will post any new information and notice when the program is open…

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