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Cabot Stain


Cabot Stain


Cabot manufactures the industry's broadest line of premium quality exterior wood stains and surface preparation products for both residential and commercial applications.

We have a product for every exterior wood you will consider – for every style and for every taste – and for every project, big and small – as well as wood preparation products that ensure beautiful, long-lasting results. Cabot is a premium brand that boasts the longest warranty, the best customer service, and has been ranked the #1 exterior deck treatment for the sixth year in a row by Consumer Report Magazine.

Cabot Stains can be separated into 3 opacity levels to achieve the desired colour, intensity and protection. The products in the Cabot Stain line are outlined below.

Transparent Stains:

Slightly tinted stains that highlight the natural beauty, grain and texture of your wood surface with nearly transparent colour and durable protection.

SPF Deck & Fence Finish (36xx, 37xx, 38xx series)

Wash, walk and stain your deck all in the same day
Apply to damp or dry wood
Acrylic based
Outstanding water repellency and UV protection
Available with 24, 36 or 48 month protection

For use on deck and fence projects

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 300-400 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-200 sq’ / gallon


Australian Timber Oil (34xx series)

3-way oil based protection for maximum durability and water repellency
Penetrates deep into the wood to accentuate natural wood depth and grain
Provides long lasting UV protection

For use on decks, fences, siding & trim, shakes & shingles, and log homes

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 250-350 sq’ / gallon


Clear Solution (30xx series)

Translucent wood finish that protects and beautifies
Water repellent and deep penetrating
Enhances wood with a unique blend of resin and oil for a premium translucent finish

For use on decks, fences, siding & trim, shakes & shingles, and log homes

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-250 sq’ / gallon


Waterproofing (30xx series)

Unique silicone formula
Ideal for wood, brick and concrete
4 colors

Cabot Waterproofing is an advanced-technology silicone sealer that provides unsurpassed waterproofing protection to a multitude of surfaces.

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-250 sq’ / gallon


Semi-Transparent / Semi-Solid Stains:

Tinted colour stains that mask some of wood grain but allow texture to show through

Decking Stain (14xx series)

Rated # 1 for best performance by leading consumer magazine
Special alkyd-resin base formulated for maximum foot traffic and extreme scuff resistance
Extra pigments for added UV protection
Water repellent and UV resistant

For use on decking and railing projects

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-500 sq’, Rough surfaces 200-300sq’ / gallon


Semi-Transparent Stain (13xx series)

Will not crack, peel or blister even under the harshest weather conditions
Water repellent, mildew resistant finish

For use on wood siding, trim, fences, shingles and shakes

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-250 sq’ / gallon


Solid Colour Stains:

Add rich, opaque colour to completely hide the wood grain while allowing some wood texture to show through.

Solid Colour Decking Stain

Available in 100% Acrylic Based (18xx Series) or Oil Based (16xx Series)
Maximum UV protection
Water repellent, scuff and fade resistant

For use on decking, railing and outdoor furniture projects

Coverage: 100% Acrylic Based: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-250 sq’ / gal.
Oil Based: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 250-350 sq’ / gal.


PRO V.T Solid Colour Acrylic Stain (08xx series)

Maximum UV protection
Low-temperature application – as low as 5 degrees Celsius
Superior hide – one coat coverage on previsouly painted or stained surfaces
Self priming – saves time

For use on new or previously painted wood siding and shingles, fences, cement siding, manufactured hardboards, and plywood panel siding

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 300-400 sq’, Rough surfaces 200-300 sq’ / gallon


Bleaching Oil (3241)

Accelerates natural weathering process of unfinished exterior wood surfaces
Beautifies and protects wood while turning a natural driftwood grey colour

For use on siding, shingles and fences, new wood or wood previously treated with Bleaching Oil

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-250 sq’ / gallon


Exterior Wood Prep Products:

The first tep in any exterior wood project should always be proper surface preparation.

Problem Solver Wood Cleaner (3241)

For use on siding, fences and decks
Removes dirt, algae and mildew stains
Great value, concentrated formula makes 5 gallons

For use on siding, shingles and fences, new wood or wood previously treated.

Coverage: Smooth surfaces: 400-600 sq’, Rough surfaces 150-250 sq’ / gallon


SPF1 Cleaner and Conditioner (3241)

Remove dirt and mildew stains
Opens wood pores
Helps with uniform finish

Cabot SPF 1 Cleaner and Conditioner is a special blend of surface preparation ingredients formulated to remove dirt, mildew stains and loose wood fibers from surfaces to be treated with Cabot SPF Deck and Fence Finishes.

Coverage: On smooth surfaces, approximately 200-400 square feet per gallon. These rates will vary depending upon the porosity of the surface.


Tips for a successful stain project:

Step 1 – Preparing the Surface
Surface preparation is the essential first step in every wood care project.

Surfaces must be clean and ready for stain to penetrate. A simple test to see of the wood is ready to accept a stain is to sprinkle some water on it and see if the water soaks into the wood. If the water does not soak into the wood after 5 minutes or beads up, the surface is not ready for staining.

Step 2 – Select the Right Stain
There are 3 basic opacity levels to choose from, pick the one that best suits your desired outcome. The different opacity levels – Transparent, Semi-Transparent and Solid stains are outlined in the previous section.

Next, choose the Cabot product line that is right for project. After choosing which opacity you prefer, then select the product that is best suited for your project.

Choose one of the colour choices of the appropriate product and your all set!

Step 3 – Application
Before you start – Always follow the application instructions provided on the product label. Each product has unique instructions that are important to follow for successful application.

For any successful project, you need the right tools. Your local dealer can supply you with the tools needed to make sure your stain project is a success.

Generally, the best method to apply Cabot oil-based products is a high quality, natural bristle brush. For acrylic-based products either a high quality polyester or nylon brush is recommended. Rollers and stain pads can also be used for the majority of Cabot products. When using sprayers it is recommended to backbrush immediately afterward to ensure proper coverage.

Step 4 – Maintenance
Some general maintenance tips to add to the longevity of your stain project.

Periodic cleaning will keep your project looking great. Use a wood cleaner, such as Cabot Problem Solver Cleaner. If you use a pressure washer, ensure that it is on a very low setting, otherwise you may remove some of the stain.
Clean any stains from spills immediately, the sooner you clean the stain, the better chance you have of removing it.
Re-apply stain when needed. Consult the product label and follow the guidelines on evaluating and determining when it is time to re-stain your wood project. The opacity level, project surface and climate can all effect the life span of the stain applied.

For more information on these fine products, visit the Cabot Stains websites



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